Iconic Female Duos in Horror Films

Horror is one genre that doesn’t typically have a lack of female-lead movies, but female duos in horror movies truly take the cake. These duos are not only frightening, but also funny, which makes for a great and entertaining horror experience. Check out some of my top movies lead by female duos!

Jennifer’s Body

Is there any feminist horror film more iconic than Jennifer’s Body? I don’t think so. Needy and Jennifer deliver some killer lines throughout the entire film, and this movie also serves as somewhat of a coming of age film for girls who, just like Needy, outgrow their sandbox friendships. Watching this duo battle it out will remind you of what it was like to have teenage spats with your BFF, although your arguments probably didn’t have as much gore or demonic possession.

Ginger Snaps

Ginger Snaps is another A+ cult classic on this list! The Fitzgerald sisters are angsty goth icons, and made any young alt-girl wish they had a morbid sister of their own to take macabre staged-death photos with. This horror film might be on the cheesier side, but Ginger and Brigitte make the watch worthwhile. Also, it’s a rare chance to see a female werewolf as this role is often left for male characters. If you’re in the mood to have a girls’ movie night but want to skip the rom-coms, check out Ginger Snaps!


Did you ever have that friend in school your mom made you hang out with solely out of pity? Did you ever conspire to murder your rich but annoying stepdad with that friend? This is overall the basic premise of Thoroughbreds. Thoroughbreds was one of the many great horror releases of 2018, and main characters Lily and Amanda both had stand-out performances. This is one of the more unexpected duos on the list, and probably one of the least relatable, but their constant hostility for each other is entertaining to say the least.

Tragedy Girls

Tragedy Girls is BY FAR my favorite movie on this list, and favorite duo. Sadie and McKayla are two true crime and social media obsessed best friends, and to launch their blog and themselves to stardom, they begin their own streak of murders. With a lust for murder that rivals the likes of Ted Bundy, this cheerleading duo is as terrifying as they are funny. Even though they have their ups and downs, the ending of their crime spree is shocking, and it really shows that with true friendship, anything is possible.

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