Beauty Brands to Trend in 2019

Every year, trends come and go in fashion, living, and beauty, but what will be trending in 2019? In the past years, a full-face of makeup has been the most sought after look, but natural beauty is on the rise with brands like Glossier gaining popularity. Read below for our top beauty brands to trend in 2019!


BYBI is a natural, and vegan, skincare brand that uses eco-friendly packaging and has been praised in Glamour, Cosmopolitan, and Marie Claire! Their products include everything from cleansers to serums to masks, but their Babe Balm sticks out as a trending product in particular. As an all over balm high in beta-carotene and Vitamin C, what’s not to love!

BYBI Babe Balm


Barley-there makeup is currently gaining back popularity, and with this trend comes great brands like ohii. Ohii is a skincare and makeup brand that has a focus on keeping your makeup light and natural. With a good range of products, and not to mention packaging that’s to die for, ohii will be hitting makeup bags across the globe in 2019!

Ohii Lip Jelly

Le Dew

Le Dew is an up and coming cruelty-free skincare brand that has a minimalist approach to beauty, and their website is amazing to browse! Whether you have combination, sensitive, or oily skin this brand has something for you. Their facial serums are a must-try, and are a fraction of the price of most high-end brands while still including powerful ingredients!

Le Dew Baby Smooth Hylauronic Serum

Flesh Beauty

Many beauty brands are being called out for their lack of shade range and inclusivity, but Flesh is combating that by creating cruelty-free makeup with a wide shade range! Boasting 40 shades of their stick foundation and an illuminating primer fit for every shade, Flesh Beauty is sure to gain attention in the coming year! Also, check out their Fleshpot, a great multi-tasking gloss for your eyes, lips, and cheeks!

Flesh Beauty Foundation Sticks

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