Easy Ways to Live Sustainably

Living sustainably has many benefits for you and the environment, but it can be hard to get started on a sustainable lifestyle. Having an eco-friendly lifestyle may seem out of reach, but there are small steps everyone can take to work towards a greener, cleaner world! Read below to learn how you, too, can live a more sustainable life.

Buy Less

Buying less is the first step in living sustainably. Buying less doesn’t mean you have to become a full blown minimalist, although minimalism has many benefits too, but it does require cutting down on a good amount of unnecessary purchases.

If you’re having problems separating what’s necessary and unnecessary, try using these simple questions: will I use it frequently, will it last over a year, and does this product have any benefits? If you answer no, then it’s probably an unnecessary purchase and should be skipped at the checkout.

Use What You Have

Using what you already own is another way to live sustainably and is also a great way to buy less! If you go through your home, how many old makeup products, unworn clothes, or unread books do you have? If you’re like most people, the answer is probably a lot. This happens as a result of overbuying or trying to keep up with fast paced trends.

Instead of going out and buying an almost identical lipstick shade to what you already have, or buying a new shirt because it’s currently on trend, focus on using what you already own first to avoid accumulating things you’ll end up throwing away. However, if you truly don’t like something you own and want to make a new purchase, then try donating or selling what it is you want to replace instead of tossing it!

Opt for Biodegradable

From dryer sheets to plastic storage bags, so many common home products have a negative impact on the environment, however a great way to lessen your environmental impact while still using these common goods is to switch to biodegradable options!

For laundry products, try Castile soap in place of laundry pods and wool dryer balls instead of sheets. In the kitchen, reusable produce bags and beeswax food wraps are an eco-friendly must for food storage, and all of these products can be found on Amazon!

Go Digital

By far the easiest way to live more sustainability is to go digital. With the rise of digital music and movies, going digital is already a part of many people’s lifestyles, but other small things to digitize include your grocery lists, monthly agendas, and anything else that would otherwise be on paper. Although it may be an adjustment to keep your daily notes and lists digital, this method is an eco-friendly alternative to written information, and you can say goodbye forever to forgetting your grocery lists at home!

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