Ethical Cashmere Guide

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Cashmere: a warm hug, coveted fabric, and everyday luxury woven into one. Although this magical wool is a great base for sweaters, scarves, and more, not all cashmere is equal in terms of quality and ethics.

Ethical fabrics and clothing have been on the rise in the past few years, so it’s a no-brainer that the availability of well-made and ethical cashmere has never been higher! Here are some stores to shop at for warming your heart and wardrobe this winter.


Founded in 2013, Nadaam is a sustainable brand with their entire focus on producing cashmere. What makes Nadaam’s products so unique is their complete involvement in the production of their apparel. Whether it be purchasing the wool,  weaving it into fabric, or shipping the finished product to your door, Nadaam ensures total transparency. Ethically sourced and fair-trade, their line of sweaters, socks and more are 100% cashmere and of great quality!



Everlane is a U.S. based clothing company designed with slow-fashion and the environment in mind. One of their newest projects “Renew” is a line of outerwear made from recycled plastic, and it’s received major attention in the sustainability world. However, Everlane’s cashmere, with its wide variety of colors and cuts, doesn’t look like it’s fading anytime soon, and has a place in every person’s wardrobe. Their pink v-neck is a simple and classic addition to any woman’s closet.



Priding themselves on great quality, Grana cuts out the middlemen in order to lower their prices without sacrificing the importance of good fabric. Unlike Everlane and Naadam, Grana is based in Hong Kong and imports their Mongolian cashmere from the close neighboring country. Their website also offers a feature that allows you to trace the origins of the fabrics used in their products! Grana’s cashmere joggers are undoubtedly a winter must have.


Eileen Fisher

Eileen Fisher is a company that not only produces ethical cashmere, among other high quality pieces, but also supports women entrepreneurs through grants and programs funded by their sales. While a bit pricier than other brands, EF is an easy way to support a good cause, and recycled cashmere pieces such as their box-top sweater or ear warmers are good for both your closet and the environment.


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  1. That’s what I do when not satisfied leave everything there get names and store number call and make a complaint. We are just trying to save what we can and not be embarrassed or disrespected in the process. They don’t train them enough on store policy


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